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                              Recruitment post:Airline sales customer service
                              Work address: Ningbo Jiangbei District North Shore Fortune Center 10 buildings 7F
                              Salary: Negotiable                                   Validity: 30 days
                              Demand number: 2 people                      Recruitment date:2016
                              Detailed description:Zhejiang Xinggang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
                                              Company industry: transportation / transportation / Logistics
                                              Company nature: State-owned enterprise
                                              Company size: 50-150 people
                                              Work place: Ningbo
                                              Working life: 2 years
                                              Education:College Degree
                                              Job requirements:
                                              1、College Degree
                                              2、Two years or more experience in freight forwarding operations.
                                              3、Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing
                                              4、Quick thinking, responsible, good communication, expression, coordination ability and team work spirit
                                              Weekends, for employees to pay five social insurance and one housing fund, annual bonus payment.

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